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You Can Market Yourself


Does your new business have an image? The image you create should be recognizable and be one that can be on to all of your marketing materials (i.e. Business card, brochures, website, invoices,letterhead, etc. etc.). To do this you can either create a logo, or have one professionally made for you. You logo can be something that can be professionally created for you by a graphic artist or a simple logo consisting of your businesses initials (i.e. I.B.S. for Independent Billing Services)

There are several ways in which .

  • Direct Mail - You have to be consistent to effectively market your company using this method. You will want to build a list of docotrs or clinics first. Then send them your direct mail pieces regularly and consistently. You can try several different styles of direct mail, including surveys, letters, brochures, flyers, newsletters, and postcards. we suggest that you only send out 10 a week so that you can do an effective follow-up on them. You want to emphasize the benefits of electronic filing over paper claim filing. Do not be discouraged. a 3-5% response rate on targeted direct mailings is considered normal. For every twenty you send out one good lead will be considered and excellent response.
  • Walk-ins - This is a great way to "put a face to the name", especially after having done a direct mailing. My suggestion here is simply walk-in to a providerís office, introduce yourself, leave a survey or a flyer. If you leave a survey you should tell them that you will come back by to pick it up. After you obtain a completed survey you can then put together a proposal for them to offer your services. If you have a website make certain that your URL (website address) is in the flyer. (We offer websites through "The AgentZ") Some websites offer a calculator that the Doctor (or office manager) can use to see how outsourcing their claims processing save them money.
  • Cold-Calls - Use this method to follow up on a direct mail piece sent. Inquire as to whether or not they received the information in the mail. If not, tell them you can re-send it or drop it off. If they did receive the information, ask them if they would like to schedule a time and date to review your services. Doctors are very busy, emphasize it would only take a few minutes of their time. You can cold-call before sending any mailers, too.
  • "Thank Youís" - this is only limited to your own imagination! You can develop your own customized calendars, containing our logo and contact information. Make it on glossy paper in an 8.5 x 11, 8.5 x 5.5(half sheet) or 4.25 x 5.5 (qtr. sheet). We have found that it is attractive and useful enough to not end up in the circular file (trash can)! You can also leave pens, candy, gift certificates, etc.
  • Referrals - This is the ultimate way of gaining new clients. "Word of Mouth" advertising is the best there is and its FREE. Pass around your business cards, talk to other businesses in your area, etc. If you have an accountant you may also find them to be a good referral source. Join the local chapter of your Chamber of Commerce way to get to it is an excellent way to get to know the other businesses in your area, and obtain referrals! Offer an incentive to current clients for all referrals which turn into signed contracts too, like a discount or gift certificate. Use your imagination!
  • Yellow Pages - If you can afford a Yellow Pages ad for your business, do it! Itís the first place next to a personal reference that someone goes to find the service or product they need! Include your website address so that they can get more information about what you offer. People like to do research on companies and products and a website is a fantastic way to educate your prospective clients

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